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Dear Modeller,

At the “Intermodellbau” in Dortmund we showed you our new products, two of which were so innovative that they are absolute world firsts.

We have decided to make the control of pod propelled model ships even more realistic. Out of this decision came a concept for a joystick that looks visually very similar to the original but works technically exactly the same – the so-called co-pilot.

We extended the SST1 in parallel to the co-pilot attachment for the “SST1-Extended”. It is established during parameter setting whether a co-pilot attachment is installed or not. This accordingly changes the control of the model.

In the normal operation you are familiar with, driving power is changed by manually moving the joystick from its neutral position to its end point, for this reason the joystick’s tolerance rings are laid out in a square.

When a co-pilot attachment is in use, the “SST1-Extended” switches from the parameter configuration automatically into circuit mode. Thus the tolerance parts are arranged in a circular pattern and the maximum driving power is limited.

That way it is guaranteed that driving power stays constant while the pod/co-pilot is turned – just like in the original.

Only with the combination of the co-pilot installation and “SST1-Extended” can you control your model in the original and safe way, like the captain of a pod propelled ship.

You can also now switch on the convenient autopilot setting, which can be put into the rest position in approximately 1 millisecond. But you can’t change the direction of rotation in this setting.

All in all the necessary programme changes were so extensive that we had to use a larger processor. Consequently, we unfortunately can’t offer updates for controllers bought until now. That’s why we are offering an exchange to any interested modellers: “old for new” at €69.

We are even offering conversion kits for Schottel Propulsor 1 or 2 so that you can combine them with the SST1.

Have fun rummaging through our new items, photos and videos.




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